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Born and raised in southern france, I took my first steps in the visual arts with drawing when I was 5 years old, inspired by the paintings of the masters of the Renaissance I saw on history books. I got my first camera during my adolescence, a used Pentax Me Super.


I quickly sensed the infinite possibilities that photography could bring me, its joy, its freedom, its exaltation, its authenticity, its impetuosity, its modesty, its ardor and its tenderness. Photography nourishes and redefines inspiration, opens up a new perspective through a permanent journey to discover ourselves, to discover others, to discover the world and all that surrounds and affects us.


I first started shooting pictures of my friends and my surrounding. I continued to learn more about photography through practice and the theory of art in addition to my graphic design studies in Toulouse while devouring classical literature.

Once my situation was more stable, and eager for knowledge, I started and succeeded studies in webdesign while continuing my work as a freelance to satisfy my photographic passion. My adventure of several years in Belgium finished at the top of the national monument, where I worked as a graphic and webdesigner.


Wanting change, I later moved back to Toulouse where I continue to practice the art of graphic design, but this time leaving me more time for photography.


At age 18 and freshly graduated, I moved to the royal academy of fine arts in the European capital, Brussels. At the same time as my studies, and to finance my housing, I started working for restaurants, bars and nightclubs as a graphic designer.


Some time later, and to devote myself fully to my new work, I stopped my studies in drawing and I started to work several years with reputable establishments in the whole kingdom.

At this day, I continues my research and enrichment of my personal universe while travelling and exploring. My photographic approach and my inspiration are greatly inspired by the uniqueness, the beauty and the sordid that lives in every moment.

This website presents a selection of images from my commissioned and personal work. To commission a project or ask about image licensing, please feel free to get in touch.